Transformation Tuesday

Hello friends! If you have seen the news lately, you might know that Hawaii was recently almost hit with a Category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Lane was downgraded to a tropical storm just in time so my weekend was long and spent inside. Luckily, I had internet most of the time(it went out for around an hour but that was it) and was able to get some work done. You might see that Pineapple Marketing Co. got a facelift during that time. Other than a new look, there is a new page: my personal blog! I am excited to give friends, family, and clients a better look at the babe behind this business.

Okay, now onto the fun stuff.

Taking my clients' Instagrams from drab to fab' is one of my favorite parts of this business. Seeing their reaction when the feed starts to flow is a magical feeling. Here are a few before and after photos for your enjoyment(and mine).

Before and After.png

Sharon is one of my current clients that makes work feel less like work and more like a dream. I could literally spend all day creating for her and looking at the most beautiful Oahu properties(if someone wants to slide me a couple million for my dream home I'd be appreciative). Our goal was to share some real estate humor and facts mixed in with some luxurious views so we went with this pattern to showcase each of those elements. 

This layout was created for a previous client who wanted a more organized and minimalistic look with lots of white to accent the product. To break up the images, we used relevant quotes on a simple white background. I was also able to show off a bit of my product photography here as well...yes, I have a post coming on my set up that anyone can re-create!

Before and After-3.png

Last but certainly not least is another one of my current clients. This salon was looking for a way to make their feed look more organized and incorporate more information about the team of stylists working there. We created a pattern using the horizontal lines incorporating mostly team photos with a couple recent work features, and quotes that fit the wit and edge of the salon's brand. 

One of the most important things other than look is consistency. Consistency is key so study your analytics and the algorithm and find what works for you and your brand!