Addressing My Top 3 Fears as a First Time Mom and Entrepreneur

Owning a business: scary. Becoming a mom for the first time: scary. Those things together: I am doomed. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic but I have some very real fears surrounding the changes my life is about to see and I am being fully vulnerable about them with you guys today.

  1. This business has been my baby for the past couple of years.

    I have this ongoing debate in my brain. I know I love and adore my daughter and I haven’t even met her yet but this business has been my major focus for the past couple of years. I have been growing and nurturing it as if it was my child, because for those years it was. Now I have someone who needs and deserves my focus more and I am terrified I am going to abandon my first baby. I think this will require patience and a lot of balance. I will be hiring my first employee next year(EEEKK) so hopefully they will be able to take some of this anxiety away.

  2. What if I haven’t scheduled enough time away?

    I have my mind set on taking about a month off compared to the normally allotted 2 or 3. I do horrible on vacations and during time off, I cannot go more than a day or two without working. Back when I made this plan, a month sounded perfect but now I am not so sure. What if I am too sleep deprived to read my emails? What if I have promised my clients I will be back on X date and don’t come back for a while after? How could I do that to them? But I have to be realistic with myself and understand that not everything works like it does in the perfect world my brain has created. I guess I will cross this bridge when I get there.

  3. Does my baby understand my business?

    Of course she doesn’t she’s a baby Madison jeez. I know my poor husband has at times felt like he comes second to the business which is something I have been working on this year(hello New Years Resolution that I actually completed). I have to make my family my priority. I want to make my family my priority.

Any tips for this first time mama? I love the online community and you guys sharing your tips along the way has been my greatest resource!