Today I Am Grateful

This is going to be one of those semi-deep, sappy post guys. I have been using my alone time(see: deployed husband) to find out more about myself. They say that's what you 20's are all about so if that's the truth then this year I'm doing pretty good. 

I've always had big goals. I want to make a change in my industry and be a pioneer for what is to come. I know I am not there yet but I like to think I have made some progress. This business has never been about the money for me. Sure, I know there is money to be made in this constantly growing industry. There is something secure about knowing there are plenty of jobs to go around here but I don't want just any job. As soon as I made the choice to put my passion first and money second, I had one of those "ah-ha" moments and suddenly my path was very clear. 

It can be hard to entrust the online presence of your business in a girl who's barely-20 with no college degree(yet). I get it, really. But here's the thing, there have been people who have come on this journey with me and we have been successful together! I have been allowed to find myself and find my fit in this business world and I love every second of it. My work is something I could do all day, every day(and often do) and it feels like I am living on cloud 9. Somebody pinch me! 

My clients took a chance on a girl with big dreams and I'm sure have no idea how much they changed my life, just like I hope I've changed theirs. I want to make marketing easy on the small business owner because it is one of those things that is either new to them or put on the back burner as other things take priority. Being able to help them while pursuing one of the things I love most is the most rewarding feeling ever. 

I am grateful today and every day for those who took a chance on me and have been exploring this world alongside me. You have changed my life. I cannot wait to see what the future of my business and wake up every day absolutely stoked about what I do. This passion is around for good and so am I.