The Top 5 Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Brand on Instagram

Today I am talking about a super important topic! There are 5 key mistakes I see business owners making online, especially on Instagram. These are things I see every day and often wonder if people even know they are damaging their brand by doing these things so, here we are with the post.

  1. Not engaging

    You are not engaging with your target audience and similar accounts. Posting alone is not an effective way to grow anymore, you have to spread your account around in other ways now. Now, this is more than spamming someone with likes or dropping a thumbs up emoji. Leave genuine comments on accounts that you really love their work or interact with your local or target audience.

  2. Using “stolen” photos.

    Pinterest quotes are cute you guys, we all know it’s true BUT even if you are posting these filler images with credit(if you’re not you should be crediting the original creators) they could be hurting your brand. Keep it cohesive folks. Use an easy to use app to make your own filler.

  3. There is not a clear bio

    Make your bio your audience’s first impression, because it is! Your bio needs to be more than a bunch of emojis or your recognition in the press. Let people know who you are!

  4. Not utilizing top 9 or one scroll

    YOU are your brand! Make sure you are in your top 9 photos and make that first scroll count. This goes along with your bio: it’s your audience’s first impression of you.

  5. They lack consistency

    I am not saying post every single day at 11am. That would be a little extreme. I am saying be posting regular. Post so much that you do not have to come back and re-introduce yourself every few months because you disappeared off of Instagram.

Are you doing these things? Let’s make a change! Keep building and keep creating.