Holiday Schedule and Important Memo

Aloha Clients!

As the Holiday season approaches, I want to take the time to tell you all how grateful I am for each of you. Thank you for supporting this dream that I never imagined would come to fruition. I appreciate every single one of you and the killer small businesses you have. It has been a great year working with you and I look forward to the things we will accomplish together next year.

A few important dates to note:
I will be “out of the office”(away from the phone) on:
- November 22nd
- December 24th and 25th

My hours will be limited(available 10a-2p):
- November 23rd
- December 20th

I will also begin transitioning into maternity leave on January 1st. I have prepared a plan with each of you that should sustain until my return on March 11th.
I will have limited availability in January should any issues arrive:
- January 1-11(unless our baby makes her appearance early) 10a-2p

Thank you all again for supporting this dream and I am looking forward to the things to come!


Client Policies - Updated/Effective Dec 1

My office/contact hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm HST
During this time I will schedule all meetings and handle regular correspondence(calls, emails, texts, etc).
I will be unavailable outside of this window. 
*Social media will still be attended to during weekends

Meetings need to be scheduled at least 1 week in advance in order to guarantee scheduling.
Attempting to schedule a meeting with less than 1 week notice will likely be unaccommodated.

Invoicing and payments will only be accepted through the Quickbooks online payment system.
No exceptions on or after December 1, 2018.
Invoices are due within 24 hours of receipt. Invoices left open after 24 hours will incur a late fee of $35 and will result in a pause of service(s) until the open invoice is paid.


The Top 5 Mistakes That Are Damaging Your Brand on Instagram

Today I am talking about a super important topic! There are 5 key mistakes I see business owners making online, especially on Instagram. These are things I see every day and often wonder if people even know they are damaging their brand by doing these things so, here we are with the post.

  1. Not engaging

    You are not engaging with your target audience and similar accounts. Posting alone is not an effective way to grow anymore, you have to spread your account around in other ways now. Now, this is more than spamming someone with likes or dropping a thumbs up emoji. Leave genuine comments on accounts that you really love their work or interact with your local or target audience.

  2. Using “stolen” photos.

    Pinterest quotes are cute you guys, we all know it’s true BUT even if you are posting these filler images with credit(if you’re not you should be crediting the original creators) they could be hurting your brand. Keep it cohesive folks. Use an easy to use app to make your own filler.

  3. There is not a clear bio

    Make your bio your audience’s first impression, because it is! Your bio needs to be more than a bunch of emojis or your recognition in the press. Let people know who you are!

  4. Not utilizing top 9 or one scroll

    YOU are your brand! Make sure you are in your top 9 photos and make that first scroll count. This goes along with your bio: it’s your audience’s first impression of you.

  5. They lack consistency

    I am not saying post every single day at 11am. That would be a little extreme. I am saying be posting regular. Post so much that you do not have to come back and re-introduce yourself every few months because you disappeared off of Instagram.

Are you doing these things? Let’s make a change! Keep building and keep creating.


Addressing My Top 3 Fears as a First Time Mom and Entrepreneur

Owning a business: scary. Becoming a mom for the first time: scary. Those things together: I am doomed. Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic but I have some very real fears surrounding the changes my life is about to see and I am being fully vulnerable about them with you guys today.

  1. This business has been my baby for the past couple of years.

    I have this ongoing debate in my brain. I know I love and adore my daughter and I haven’t even met her yet but this business has been my major focus for the past couple of years. I have been growing and nurturing it as if it was my child, because for those years it was. Now I have someone who needs and deserves my focus more and I am terrified I am going to abandon my first baby. I think this will require patience and a lot of balance. I will be hiring my first employee next year(EEEKK) so hopefully they will be able to take some of this anxiety away.

  2. What if I haven’t scheduled enough time away?

    I have my mind set on taking about a month off compared to the normally allotted 2 or 3. I do horrible on vacations and during time off, I cannot go more than a day or two without working. Back when I made this plan, a month sounded perfect but now I am not so sure. What if I am too sleep deprived to read my emails? What if I have promised my clients I will be back on X date and don’t come back for a while after? How could I do that to them? But I have to be realistic with myself and understand that not everything works like it does in the perfect world my brain has created. I guess I will cross this bridge when I get there.

  3. Does my baby understand my business?

    Of course she doesn’t she’s a baby Madison jeez. I know my poor husband has at times felt like he comes second to the business which is something I have been working on this year(hello New Years Resolution that I actually completed). I have to make my family my priority. I want to make my family my priority.

Any tips for this first time mama? I love the online community and you guys sharing your tips along the way has been my greatest resource!


Quick Tip: Stockpile Your Instagram

Instagram is a powerful business tool and if you aren’t fully utilizing it I have one question: WHY?

One thing business owners often have misconstrued about Instagram is that it is happening in real time. More often than not, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is so much easier(and a major game changer) to stockpile your content and have it chillin’ in your drafts for posting rather than snapping, editing, and posting all in one sitting. Pick one day a week or a few days per month to shoot your content and write out those thoughtful captions so they are ready to go. You’re busy enough and your future self will thank you.

Pineapple Marketing Co. Education

Hello hello!

I am way excited to announce a major addition to my business! The Pineapple Marketing Co. website will now include an education portal. These quick courses are designed to teach the average or newbie business owner how to market their business online! Each course has been hand designed by me using information I have learned in my first two years of business; learn from my mistakes and personal successes. I am so excited to share this with you guys! My goal is that someone just starting out in their business will be able to utilize these courses and watch their business soar! Marketing is such an important(and often underestimated) tool for business owners and I cannot wait to see where these babies take you! There is not an official launch date(yet) but I can tell you, they are coming really soon. Stay tuned for the launch later this year by following my Instagram(@alohaa.mads). I will be looking for a few people to test them out and get feedback so if you are interested in that, please let me know ASAP and I’ll get you on the list.

I can’t wait to reveal these courses to you guys and I hope you’re as excited as I am!